How to Join

We are a juried trading group for artists who have been creating art for sometime and want to trade for ATCs and mail art that exhibits a more advanced stage of artistic development and skill. If you're still learning to draw or paint, then this probably isn't the place for you.

We accept art in the following mediums:
  • Handdrawn
  • Painted
  • Digital painting
  • Limited edition print making
  • Mixed media with handdrawn elements (handdrawn is in the majority)

If you are a collage, fibre or other (not listed above) artist and want to apply, please send us an email. Your portfolio must be very strong to apply in this area.

This is what we are seeking in the artwork of potential members:
  • Technical drawing skills (for P&P applicants)
  • Consistency in artwork
  • Skill in chosen medium
  • Originality
  • Good use of color

Steps for joining - Please read carefully
  1. This is a juried website. Membership is not automatic.
  2. A panel of experienced member artists votes on each application.
  3. Please select 10 - 20 pieces for our art panel to review. Ensure that these pieces are in the medium for which you are applying. For your own sake, please DO NOT give us link to a full gallery (like your entire AFA or DeviantArt gallery), which will most likely work against you rather than for you. Instead, assemble a 10- to 20-piece portfolio of your best work.
  4. Things we like to see in a portfolio: Original art encompassing different themes including people, places and things (if possible). If you make fan art, ensure you are submitting fan art in your own style and not copies of someone else's art.
  5. Although we do not require that you include ATCs, we strongly recommend that you include ATCs so our panel can see your ability to work in a small size.
  6. Please upload images for review to a photo sharing or gallery site such as Flickr, DeviantArt, etc.
  7. Please do NOT link to artwork in blogs. It's often difficult to track down the images.
  8. Please allow at least 72 hours to review your application.
  9. Applicants must be 18 years old to join the site or have a permission letter from parents.
  10. If you have already applied for membership and were turned down, you must wait 6 months before applying again. The panel will not convene for a review of your work before the six-month period has elapsed.
  11. This is not the site to join in hopes of promoting your ACEOs, checking off a box on your marketing plan, or expanding your customer base. We trade art here; we don't sell it. The ACEO category is only available to active members with an established record of successfully trading within our community.

A Note on Portfolios
    We can't emphasize this enough. It is in YOUR best interest not to send us a link to your entire Deviantart, Flickr or AFA gallery. If you include your entire gallery, then the panel will see your weakest art pieces as well as your strongest. This may compromise your application. Odds are that you will increase your chances of acceptance by preparing a dedicated portfolio of your best work, limiting submission to 10 pieces at the very least and 20 at the very most.

Join us!

Art by Clep
coloured pencil on toned paper
Art by Abi
oil pastels
Art by Catsavannah