ATC Central - The Learning Zone: Walkthough: Hand drawn Zetti in Prismacolor markers and pencil

Zetti (aka Zettiology) is a folk art style originated by Teesha and Tracy Moore. There's no real definition but there are some common characteristics such as static faces, striped legs, shapes for bodies, bright colours, found images, objects and papers, and lots of pointy hats. I started off drawing some basic line art with a Micron, filled in colours with Primsacolor markers and Sharpies too.
Here I added coloured pencils for shading. I used a colourless blender to smooth out the colour blends. Then lots of gelpens and sparkly stuff to finish up the whimsical lines and stars and other bits.

Other Zetti inspired ATC or mail art samples using Sharpies, Prismacolor markers and pencils, gel pens and Micron felt tips.

Walkthrough and art by Amerasu