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Thread: JULY 2019 1/1 Monthly Match Game

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    Sorry about the crazy storm Tea!!! But I love that you made a water-living creature during the rains. It'll be hot and dry down there again soon?
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    Hot yessss... dry, who knows? Lol

    I was climbing the walls & my husband drug me out to buy groceries. Pro: Fam now has food, Con: omg it was so rude & peopley!!! Going back home to hide & draw some more now. Still plenty on my to do list to keep me entertained!
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    That koi is wonderful, Tea! Sorry about the bad weather, but for me itīs always a nice excuse to stay at home and make some art I too hate when there are too many people around me, especially when they donīt accept my personal space...

    Hereīs my hand for cat, if she likes it:

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    I hope your weather improves, Tea! Beautiful hand, Evalila!

    I connected with Abby (CreativeSquirrel) and made her card yesterday and mailed it out this morning.

    (Note: we also traded pre-made cards so it was 2:2 - yay!)

    If you get out of the WAY, the art will MAKE ITSELF.

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