P&P & MMA: ABSTRACT atc swap

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MAIL BY - AUGUST 1, 2019.
Withdraw by date- just communicate please.
Number of ATCs- 3 for 3 OR 6 for 6 atcs (6 if more than 10 people play)

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All ABSTRACT atcs!

Make your atcs in an abstract fashion

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Same guidelines as always...
1. Create 3 or 6 atcs featuring abstract art. Do YOUR BEST WORK!
2. Follow standard guidelines and make sturdy amazing atcs.
3. Name and username on reverse
4. All atcs inside sleeve
5. Pm me for my address when you're ready to mail. I've not moved since I've been on this site so my address is the same.

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Send an address label & the amount of postage it took you to mail to me.
Internationals no need to send postage, we'll cover you.

PLAYERS: Received