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Thread: ALL: PET animal atc swap! Mail by: Aug 30 2019

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    Default ALL: PET animal atc swap! Mail by: Aug 30 2019

    P&P & MMA: our Pets atc swap

    We just became a foster fail, which means we adopted the puppy we were fostering. So I want to make some atcs of this clown dog! How about we make some atcs of our pets?

    • MAIL BY - AUGUST 30, 2019.
    • Withdraw by date- just communicate please.
    • Number of ATCs- 3 for 3 OR 6 for 6 atcs (6 if more than 10 people play)
    • MEDIUM: P&P and MMA

    All PETS/Companion Animals atcs!

    Make your atcs with ANY animal that could be your pet. Cats, dogs of course, but also rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, rats, spiders, horses, chickens, snakes.... or a creature you WISH you could have as a pet, like a phoenix, or a giraffe, or a unicorn! I want a unicorn

    **INCLUDE a PET Creature** in your creation.

    This doesn't have to be your actual pet, it could be one you used to have or one you wish you had or one you're glad you never had, ANY creature that could be a pet.

    Same guidelines as always...
    1. Create 3 or 6 atcs featuring a pet. Do YOUR BEST WORK!
    2. Follow standard guidelines and make sturdy amazing atcs.
    3. Name and username on reverse
    4. All atcs inside sleeve
    5. Pm me for my address when you're ready to mail. I've not moved since I've been on this site so my address is the same.

    Send an address label & the amount of postage it took you to mail to me.
    Internationals no need to send postage, we'll cover you.

    PLAYERS: Received
    • GwennieJo
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    Oh, sorry about your foster fail, Cathy! Haha!

    Great idea for a swap - please sign me up!

    If you get out of the WAY, the art will MAKE ITSELF.

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    Gonna lurk for now, but I love animals so I'll try to join later on
    We're living in a planet of dreams. ~
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    Lurking with intent!
    I don't wanna work. I just wanna make ATCs all day.

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    I have never managed to just foster an animal in my entire life. I am a complete failure & have no plans to change. I'm lurking... so many things I want to do here lately!!!
    Now hosting:
    Articulated Art Dolls, ITSO Your Favorite Artist,
    Mail by June 22!
    Found Poetry, Open Themed atcs, mail by July 22!

    Hi! My name is Tanya, but my friends call me Tea!

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