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Thread: P&P: Curiosity Cabinets - Mail by May 4, 2019

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    Yay! Received wonderful cards today from...Skyjules, Tlouey, DmyTladybug. Thank you for hosting Michelle!

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    Curious cabinets have landed!
    I've been wanting to try these after admiring them so much so thanks for hosting! It was fun! Off to leave rep points...

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    My cabinets came today! I love the tree cabinet from tara.b_art because I love trees more than anything, and I am always thrilled when I get a return from wildholly, especially when there is a crow, a snail and mushrooms in the cabinet, some of my favorite themes. My third cabinet was from our lovely host! I was so excited to see a dragon's egg on one of the shelves, ooh la la. I shall give out rep points straight and away and some itrader to our hostess!
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    Can I just say how much I love YOU ALL!!??! I adore my returns, which I just got out of the mailbox, it's cold and raining and where is summer and happy dance, LOOK AT MY CABINETS! I have Tara's Grandma's Glassware with the super pretty right-up-my-alley pink glassware, SKyjule's magical mystical cabinet with crystals, moon magic, mermaid and everything that is good can i just go and live in this cabinet please??????, and Michelle's super cool big foot jack elope, unicorn horn impossible but I hope they exist things cabinet. I love my returns! Michelle, thank you for hosting
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    Got my returns today! Thanks Michelle for being a great host! And thank you to catpratt, skyjules, and itsraining_rosepetals!
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    I received my beautiful cards about a week ago! (Sorry, life has been so hectic lately!) I have to dig out my album because I've already lovingly placed them in the pages to admire! They are truly treasures, I feel lucky to have them! Thank you Tara, Waughtercolors, and DmyTLadybug! I'm off to leave rep points and itrader, thanks for hosting Michelle!

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    I received my returns! They're beautiful!! I received a gorgeous card from Sandra, WildHolly, and Michelle!
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