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Thread: I Spy FantasyTheme Swap - Due April 15, 2019

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    These are the cards I managed to whip up! I'll send them off in the mail today or tomorrow!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ISpy1_upload.jpg   ISpy2_upload.jpg   Ispy3_upload.jpg  

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    I'm gonna try to take some better photos of these before I send them, cause I swear they look nicer in person, but here are my offerings to the swap. I hope they are good enough, I am super intimidated by all the awesome cards so far. All the checklists are in the gallery! Had my husband "play" the cards to make sure all the items could be found. Super hard to do but also tons of fun!

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    oh my gosh, your cards are so much fun!

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    I'm in love with your cards Emma! Wonderful set!
    Cards are arriving! I will take pics of them altogether once I get everyone's cards and start swapping them out.
    So far, I got bluevioletz and itsraining_rosepetals cards today in the mail.

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    I got everyone's card! They ALL looks so amazing! I am so impressed!!! Thank you all for playing!
    I'll sort them and send them out this Monday!

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    I got my returns already - that was super fast! All the cards I got are so beautiful, I couldn't be happier. So glad I managed to play in this one. Thanks Machochick for being a wonderful hostess, and itsraining_rosepetals, kosmicgirl & machochick for the wonderful returns! I'll let the itrader and reps for everyone now!
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    I got my returns today! Thank you for hosting such a fun swap, I love my cards from it'srainingrosepetals, kosmicgirl and bluevioletz! I will get the itrader and reputation out tonight. Thanks everyone for making such high quality cards.
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    Yay for Fridays! it was mail day for me and I am sooooo happy I played the I-spy with you all. I got such fabulous returns from waughtercolors, it's raining rosepetals & our fabulous host Machochick.

    Thanks so much for the fabulous art, I'm so excited to add these to my collection!

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    Got my returns

    Amazing art from Machochick (Lil Miss M) Emmadreamstar (Mermaid) and Waughtercolors (Alchemist Study)
    Thanks for hosting Joan! This swap was amazing - the execution was such an effort, but the returns! My goodness, everyone brought their A-game on this one!
    Hi, my name is Anna!

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    I really hope we do this theme again in the future! so fun!
    We're living in a planet of dreams. ~
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    I received my beautiful returns in the mail yesterday, thanks so much for hosting Joan! I got emmadreamstar's unicorn, waughtercolors' clover scene, and bluevioletz's nutcracker pair! They're wonderful!

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    I'm so happy you guys enjoyed playing! I agree that everyone bought their A-game on this one. Thank you again for a fantastic swap!

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