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Thread: Official art-of-all-sizes MMH game

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    Default Official art-of-all-sizes MMH game


    Welcome to the new Art-of-all-sizes MMH game!

    Art by: Rosecake, kosmicgirl, jellyscuds, oddbreed & DmyTLadybug

    In this thread, we will try and make our partners happy with art in all kinds of different sizes! If you feel like making and receiving ATCs this is not the right place for you - please hop on over to the ATC MMH game thread instead and make a claim! There is also the USK tipin MMH thread for that specific size!

    On to the game at hand!

    Who can play: Any iATCs member in good standing!

    How to play: Look for the last post and choose an art size (from the list) to make. The member before you will suggest 1-5 different shapes/sizes that they collect, together with some themes that they collect. Say what you are going to make and then leave a list of 1-5 shapes and themes you'd like to collect. The next person to come along will then make you some gorgeous art and leave another list... and on and on.

    Please wait for at least two people to play before jumping in again unless the thread has been stalled for three weeks or more!

    An example post could look like this:

    Dear previousposter99 I will try and MYH with a winter themed postcard!

    I would like to receive a piece of art in one of these shapes:
    • hand
    • articulated art doll
    • postcard

    My themes atm are:
    • Sesame Street
    • Halloween
    • Herbs
    All themes are welcome here! Characters from TV shows, nature, verbs, colour combinations, animals, fan art, etc. Please try to provide a bit of variety in your list so the next person has a few topics to choose from. The more specific your list is, the more difficult it will be for the person after you to really make you happy.. You are welcome to add a single shape and a single theme, but please be prepared to add more if you notice no one is picking up your claim! Remember: broad themes like "nature", "winter" or "food" will be easier for your future partner than "antlered realistic mammals drinking tea in a Middle Earth setting"


    In this thread, it is important for the players to realize that they may be making art that is slightly different in size than what they send out. To ensure that this doesn't get exploited, please try and limit your art wishes to a total size of appr. 10" (width + length)
    Examples of art that fit these measurements are:
    • 1 POSTCARD (4x6")
    • 1 HAND (the outline of your hand)
    • 1 FISH/ARCH/BOTTLE or other shape of your choice. Please be ready to provide a template for your partner!
    • 8 INCHIES
    • 1 BOOKMARK (3x7")
    • 1 Articulated artdoll - (appr. 7" tall)
    • 1 Chunky page (4x4")
    • ...?

    If you have other shapes in mind, please make sure they fit the general size limit, and please be ready to help your partner out with a template or a description of what you want! There is a nice thread HERE
    that explains a few of the different sized mail art a little better. Check it out - maybe you'll be inspired!

    Other guidelines:
    • Players are required to send out their item before accepting another/offering trade
    • Please wait for at least two people to play before jumping in again unless the thread has been stalled for two weeks or more.
    • Players are encouraged to post pictures of what they have made in the thread but please don't chat in this thread. If you see some art that you love - go comment in the gallery!
    • Please make sure that you mail within a maximum time limit of 2 weeks, unless you mutually agree to a different time frame. Be sure to communicate!
    • If your card does not arrive within 4 weeks, please follow up with the sender to ensure the card has been sent.
    You may contact an admin for assistance at any time if you'd like.

    Please give an iTrader for each card received!
    Everyone appreciates knowing that the art they made has arrived

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    OK, I'll start this one!

    Who can MMH with:

    Postcard (4x6")
    Bookmark (3x7")
    Articulated Artdoll

    Voodoo Dolls, Voodoo Kings & Queens
    Big Lebowski characters
    Art Nouveau style comic book characters
    People with antlers, forest king/nature king
    The Tudors (Henry & Liz), Marie Antoinette

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    I will make you happy with a Tudor postcard.

    Who will MMH with a postcard (4x6)?

    Map of Imaginary place
    Fairy tale illustration
    Poison dart frog

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    IŽll make you happy with a Poison Dart Frog Postcard.

    Who will MMH with a

    Chunky Page or


    Forest People
    anything Harry Potter (extra points for S. Snape or S. Black)

    Postcard for Maria Magenta, if she likes it:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails MMHMariaMagenta002.jpg  
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