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Thread: ALL: Grimoire PAT, MAIL BY January 31, 2019

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    Great descriptions everyone! I'm linking your names to your questions so everyone can find them fast.
    Double check them for size and such. Don't forget these pages are 2 sided.
    Can't wait to see what you all create!

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    I would love to add that even though I have lots of details..... do what your heart speaks. I will treasure it all.

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    Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We finally got some real fall crisp weather and clear sunny skies here in south Texas. I've been walking looking at leaves and acorns and little things strewn under trees - gleaning inspiration for some sort of nature related grimoire page!
    How about you?

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    Julie, we had every weather here this weekend. LOTS of rain, snow, now sunshine which we haven't seen in days. The white snow covered the ground, but there were some leaves still in the trees. The super cold I suppose made them fall, finally, so there were green leaves on top of the white snow. Really pretty, and odd!

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    It's a beautiful Autumn here. Colorful trees and even though the mornings and nights are chilly daytime has been around 60. Beautiful sunsets too.

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    1. What is your overall theme-title/topic? (kitchen witchery, animal totems, seasons, herbology, astrology, runes, spells and divination, history, fashion, sacred geometry, meditations, imaginary imaginations, field notes,

    Green Witchery, in areas of folk magic, fairy lore, herb craft, animals, elemental's, natural energies

    2. How would you describe the "tone" of your grimoire? (light and happy, dark and spooky, funky and odd, spiritual, ancient, encyclopedic, field notes…)

    organic aged field notes, like tea stained pages well used, written notes etc., concerning themes

    3. Do you need an extra .25" on the binding edge? What is the exact size?

    Exact size 4x6 and don’t need extra binding edge

    4. Do you like anything hanging over the edge of the page? (tassels, charms etc.)

    Nothing hanging over the edges please.

    5. Are added elements WITHIN the boundaries of the page (not hanging off) ok? (just make sure it's not too fat on the page since these eventually will be bound some way.)

    Secret pocket would be fun, filled with flat items, bird feather, charm, dried flowers,leaves etc.

    6. Anything else you'd like to explain about your pages to help us really get it?
    not really just have fun

    Here are some pictures of my Grimoire front and back covers and some of the pages. I haven't bound it yet!
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    Time does not change us. It just unfolds us.-Max Frisc

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    Oh my, why didn't I find out about this sooner? Please add me to groups 1 and 4 please.

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    We have 2 groups full and 2 with spots available - invite your friends!

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    Hi Skyjules, could I be moved to the 4x6 landscape opening instead of the 4x6 portrait? This way I can start right away! Thanks so much!

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    I feel this calling to me, but I need to juggle my schedule about a bit to make sure I have enough time.
    - Judy -
    I always have a "work in progress" on my desk.

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    Hope you can join us Jellyscuds!

    Bluevioletz - I moved you - but don't forget to fill out and post your questionnaire as soon as possible!

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    Thanks for the reminder.
    What a wonderful swap idea! I’m very excited to work on these and see all the magical creations! Even the questionnaire was fun to fill out.

    1. Overall theme-title/topic? White Witch Spells: meditations (for calming, clarity, manifesting positive outcomes), lucky travels (lucky breaks, serendipity, wonderful unforeseen happenings), career success spell, forest protection, woodland creatures protection, feeling physically strong & confident spells, New Year’s good luck, beautiful dreams spell, artistic creativity spell, attracting lots of gifts spell, fun witches party spell, most delicious baked goods spell, forest “harvest” spell for awesome vegetarian dinner, home protection spell. (he he, I loved thinking these up! I hope this gives you a flavor of fun spells to work with as thoughts starters)
    2. "Tone" of your grimoire? Depending on the spell: light and happy, beautiful and decorative, spiritual.
    3. Extra binding edge? No.
    4. Anything hanging over the edge? No.
    5. Added elements WITHIN boundaries? Yes, if it enhances the artist’s vision.
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    It's great to see you here BlueV

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    Likewise, Wildholly! ��

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    Great artists here! Can't wait to see all the work.
    I think this weekend I'll be ready to take a look at the pages I will make - start coming up with ideas and research and stuff. good times!

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    Alright more creative energy!
    Time does not change us. It just unfolds us.-Max Frisc

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