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Thread: P&P - The Funny Idioms ATC Swap - Mail by Sept 25, 2018

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    I've added your swap to my to-do list so feel free to add me in!

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    I will lurk too imagination pales in comparison to most when it comes to this kind of art

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    Oddy...check out the site I added for prompts. That will get cha going!

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    Welcome Blue.... I am glad you are here!

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    Hope to join but lurker for now!
    Time does not change us. It just unfolds us.-Max Frisc

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    Holly, I have no imagination when it comes to prompts...Iíve looked a few times...would love to see some ideas, I google idiom art with no freakin luck...pft

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    Did you see my examples on page one?
    The first is "flying by the seat of your pants".
    2. I bought a lemon!
    3 is a fine kettle of fish... which means I got myself in a fix once again.

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    Oh yes please, I'll join!
    Come check out my original animal art for sale:

    Instagram: Redwall151

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    Yay! Another cool artist joining the ranks!

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    Heads up to the lurkers. How about joining the tribe.

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    Just added:
    You may also use the URBAN DICTIONARY
    and stoner terms too.

    Come know you want to join!

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    I would officially like to join your swap, por favor.
    Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. - Picasso

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    Come join us DDD Muaha! This will be such a fun one.
    Come check out my original animal art for sale:

    Instagram: Redwall151

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    So glad to have you here Egglebeggle!

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    Oh yes.. this is me to a tee. Iím in.

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    YAY! Greenpengirl is in the house!

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    I know, right. You can really get your mojo on!

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