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Thread: Giraffes - All media - Due 10th September 2018

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    Default Giraffes - All media - Due 10th September 2018

    Swap Due Date – 10th September
    Number of Items - 3 for 3 or 6-6 (if more than 10 players)
    Number of participants – Lots!
    MEDIUMS Accepted - All media (whatever you were juried in for)


    Keeping it simple, who doesn't love a giraffe.

    This swap is for any kind of Giraffe - whimsical, realistic, funny, kawaii etc

    Nitty Gritty Information!

    1. Cards should be protected - sleeves or wrapped in paper etc
    2. Cards must all be 2.5 x 3.5 inches as per ATC rules
    3. Sign the back with your username and other information you wish to put
    4. Please no large embellishments, stickers or glitter.
    5. Hosties are not required but treasured if I do receive them

    Postage Information!

    1. Everybody should send a large address label (no envelopes as I have LOTs of them to provide)
    2. Secure your cards together, I worry about the post sometimes!
    3. All international participants to provide $2
    4. UK participants to send a 1st or 2nd class stamp
    5. I also have paypal - PM me
    6. Absolutely no thick ATCs - not only do they jump postage up for other returns but they may get caught in machines

    IMPORTANT - Unless you are from the UK I do NOT send the cut down three sleevers back, as this adds a lot of extra weight and jumps the postage cost up. If you want them back I will need an extra dollar to cover the costs.

    Examples Included by: Pochadiva, Zhouzhou, Waughtercolors, Kosmicgirl, EvisceratedUnicorn and CindyD

    Who wants to join?

    0. Noodlerabbit88
    1. Greenpengirl
    2. DmyTLadybug
    3. Iamwhatonearth
    4. Evalila
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1_20170408_092648_resized.jpg   1_cute_giraffe_with_mushrooms.jpg   1_FantasyGiraffe.jpg   1_Flying_Giraffe.jpg   1_My_favorite_girrafe.jpg  

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    Hosting a Giraffe Swap - due 10th Sep
    Ebay - Etsy - Facebook

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    Totally signing up here. Yes I am

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    Welcome Greenpengirl, very happy to have you
    Hosting a Giraffe Swap - due 10th Sep
    Ebay - Etsy - Facebook

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    Katie, this sounds great. I have a wicked crazy summer coming up, but if I can get some giraffes done at some point I’ll sign up. Lurking for now. Can’t wait to see what you and Greenpengirl create!
    My name is Lucy and I read art blogs.

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    Sounds good Rosecake, hope to see you back
    Hosting a Giraffe Swap - due 10th Sep
    Ebay - Etsy - Facebook

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    Ooooh, giraffes! Sign me up!

    The Sloth Swap--ATC size-mail by July 11th

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    Can you sign me up for this?

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    Yay thanks for joining - can't wait to see what you come up with
    Hosting a Giraffe Swap - due 10th Sep
    Ebay - Etsy - Facebook

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    Fun theme - Iīm in
    My inner critic is an evil monster yelling at me - always!

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