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Thread: Giraffes - All media - Due 10th September 2018

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    I will be watching my mailbox! Thanks for hosting such a fun swap noodley!
    They call me Sandra

    I am no longer at the Hill View address

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    They came today! I have three marvelous cards! DmyTLadybug, catpratt, and Iamwhatonearth! Thank you all for making such nice cards!
    They call me Sandra

    I am no longer at the Hill View address

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    AWESOME returns are here! Thank you Noodles for the swap. I have a giraffe/seahorse by Waughtercolors = watery and wonderful, a big-eyed cutie pie Doe by DmyTLadybug and silly happy Ballerina giraffe and her dashing partner from Greenpengirl. Thank you!

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    Got my gorgeous returns, beautiful soulful giraffe from Catpratt, a well wrapped up giraffe from Waughtercolors and Giraffe scultping from Noodle. I absolutely love all of them. Best swap yet. Thanks Noodle for hosting.

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    Everybody has had their art yay - thanks for being patient with me... new job.... hopefully will find time to host another soon.
    Hosting a Giraffe Swap - due 10th Sep
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