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Thread: Catching Up & Smithsonian NYC

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    Cool Catching Up & Smithsonian NYC

    Hi All... It's been ages since I've been around but that's because I am making a ton of art! LOL. I thought I would take a few moments to update all my friends at iatcs. I still check out the forums, and am always looking for a swap that I can fit into my schedule so I am going to my best to do at least one this year! (That's my New Year resolution). Hard when I am so busy... (as you will see below)

    I am currently doing my PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies at UBC mixing Computer Science and Indigenous Studies to create a computer programming language using Cree for the input and it is aimed at {Indigenous} artists giving them a way of generating digital artwork without needing to understand the complexity of programming itself.

    And partly as a result of my research for my PhD, I now have a work of art hanging in the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in New York. I went to the show opening in November and discovered that a still image from my work was used in a majority of their advertising which is hanging from about 24 light poles all through lower Manhattan! So Cool!

    For those of you who like to read/see more of the exhibit just google "Jon Corbett Transformer" or just check out these links:

    Transformer Press Kit

    Exhibition Brochure- PDF

    My Work

    Cheers Everyone! And look forward to doing a few atcs this year
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    Wow, you've been very busy! Congrats on working towards your PhD! That's fantastic. And the Smithsonian?! WOW!

    I read through the brochure and your work and art seems fascinating. So this is a digitized installation project that creates images based on both traditional beading and the spiral sense of native time? I'm not sure if I have that correct or not. How does the Cree language element fit in? Or is that a separate project?

    Of course, we'd love to see your art in some more swaps and hope you can manage it! Go you!
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    You got it Amerasu! it's a digital installation that cycles through 4 generations (Gramma, dad, me, my son) and is aimed at using Indigenous methods (like beading and the spiral) to counter the influence of colonial practices within the digital landscape. And Cree is the second part to that work. Currently there is no programming language that uses native langauge so I'm going to build it then re-render that work using the language of my heritage.

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    That is amazing! Congratulations! It sounds like a fulfilling project.
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