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Thread: Who Dunnit 'Clue' Swap idea (Board Game Clue)

  1. Default Who Dunnit 'Clue' Swap idea (Board Game Clue)

    I don't know if it's ever been done but I think a Clue swap would work well for the 3 card swap format. Sorry, I haven't traded here in quite some time but i was recently looking through some of my old cards and thinking about my newly rediscovered love of the board game Clue.

    A 3 card swap with a suspect, weapon and room would be a perfect way to trade cards and find out who really committed that ghastly murder. So each person submits their suggestion for who/with what and where on their 3 card submission.

    I've never organized a swap but i figured id throw it out there to see what others thought of the idea. -kcsnipes

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    I think it sounds like a fabulous idea, I love Clue as well. I'll join if you decide to hold a swap. I assume that it is the traditional players and weapons?
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    Oh, please do this! This sounds like such a solid idea!
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