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Thread: Evil Seedlet's Project Thread

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    Red face Evil Seedlet's Project Thread

    Heyyyy, long time no post. For the past several years, most of my art has been digital, though I can feel my old paper tendencies calling to me. I've also had a very rough couple of weeks and I think a little art sharing might help distract me. So while I dig out my paints and paper and work on making a brand new art space all my own, here are a few of my more recent digital works. Hopefully a painting or two will join them soon
    -Evil Seedlet

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    A few quick drawings of one of my D&D characters in different outfits as suggested by some friends:

    A neat painting of my newest D&D character, Sien Wolfwater. They are agender and use they pronouns

    A sketch of a character concept that didn't really go anywhere

    sketchy fun comicbook cover type of thing I made after our first D&D session

    sketchy expressions test for Sien

    -Evil Seedlet

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    Rosi and her boo
    -Evil Seedlet

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    elf lady based on a friend's drawing

    my first water color in who knows how long. crappy picture, but I'm sans scanner atm
    -Evil Seedlet

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    Great to see you are arting again!
    Keeping my eyes open for the next challenge...

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