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Thread: Official Travelling Trade - On-Going!

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    Thanks for the update Halla!

    Catpratt it looks like there is enough interest to start an animal themed group just let me know if I should add it to the main post and if you wanted to be the starter. perhaps wait til after the current set you just volunteered for gets started and into mailing rotation or maybe someone else would like to be the starter as I'm sure it would take you awhile to make 12 cards if you were to attempt to start two groups at once. But if you'd still like to start it that is completely up to you! I'm fine adding it whenever you'd like. I hope everyone had a wonderful art o thon weekend.
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    I have sci-if fantasy 1. I'm flying to Vegas for the week. I'll get them mailed,out next week.
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    I am back from a week of vacation and the lovely Traveling Trade Sci-Fi #2 was waiting for me from Egglebeggle! I'm hoping to check it out and get it back out in the next few days. Sorry for the delay!

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    Sorry, I took an extra couple of days with the Anime Traveling trade, but its now ready to go and as soon as I have Gwennie's address I will pop it in the mail.

    I traded 2 cards for a wonderful Egyptian lady by Dragonalloy, and a vampire lady by Kosmicgirl.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Travelling Group 5B has landed. I took Blanche's witch. I'm off to give iTrader and Rep points.
    I'm sending this cards back to Kjarting's way tomorrow 10/20/17

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    Fairytales will be going out to Blanche tomorrow

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    So i THOUGHT i checked in for group 1c but i guess i never did but it did make it. But might of gotten side tracked with the Upper Deck project. And 3c has made it, which both will go out soon. Sorry about all the delays!

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    Group 4B is here!

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    Thanks Paradox, I have removed 4B from the main post as it has completed its circuit safely!

    Group 4B
    1. ParadoxSketchbook - completed circuit 10/23
    2. TF Balding
    3. Blanche
    4. GwennieJo
    5. Pabkins
    6. Dragonalloy
    7. Michelle81
    8. Machochick
    9. Kosmicgirl
    10. Halla

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    1c will be out to pabkins tomorrow and 3c will be off to purplepencil. 1c I didn't take any, and 3c I took kosmics unicorn.

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    5B came home safely! Thanks guys! <3
    Kylie Johnston

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    Thanks kjarting! Ive removed 5B from the main thread as its completed its round. Happy Monday everyone

    Group 5B:
    1. Kjarting - safely home 10/23
    2. Kosmicgirl
    3. Pabkins
    4. Dragonalloy
    5. Catpratt
    6. PolkaDottie
    7. TF Balding
    8. Juanita Rojas
    9. Blanche
    10. Machochick

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