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Thread: Official Travelling Trade - On-Going!

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    Thanks Kre I will get you added now.

    And yes "Under the Sea" is definitely a broad enough theme. Would you like me to add it with you as the starter?

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    Add me to the Under the Sea if someone starts it! (I have no way of starting one right now, but would love to join in!)
    Hi, my name is Anna!

    BIG ADDRESS WEIRDNESS!! Somehow a weird postal code error is trying to steal all art coming my way!
    REAL CODE: 50676 Cologne
    Faulty code: nope, sorry. Won't type it here and jinx it somehow!
    If you have me on file somewhere, please update or check with me before sending

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    Same for me! I'd love to join Under the Sea but I don't have enough free time to start the trade.
    And also, I sent Fantasy & sci-fi 2 around August 8 or 9 if I remember correctly, so don't worry if it's still in transit.

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    Thanks for the info Blanche. I agree it definitely takes a lot of time and effort to be the starting person of these groups! I'm sure Kre will likely want to kick it off, I think it's late at night her time, so hopefully the thread will hear from her tomorrow perhaps. Haha she might come back and find her group partway full before it even officially opens!

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    I am also in for the undersea theme.
    Hi! My name is Erika.

    Website ** Instagram ** Etsy Shop
    I'm taking life one trade at a time.

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    Me too too of course. One can never have enough of the sea and all it's beauties! I hope Kre is excited and roaring to go with her set haha

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    Yikes lol I didn't think there would be people wanting to sign up straight away so far I've got about 7/8 thumbnail sketches and trying to pick my favs to start this with lol

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    Wonderful! I've officially added the new themed Group: Under the Sea. We eagerly await seeing your set!! I hope you share it in the thread before you mail so we all get a chance to oogle and drool! Have fun making!

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    Oo! Can I Under the Sea?
    Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. - Picasso

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    Add me in the Under the sea theme.
    I have a new address.

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    Group 1c and 4b have been mailed out, sorry for the delay to the groups, I thought I had already mailed these out.

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    I'll sign up for under the sea

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    Add me to the under the sea please

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    3C is done (waiting on address to mail out).

    If that anima inspired still has a spot may I please sign up? If not then Under the Sea works as well.

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