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Thread: Official Travelling Trade - On-Going!

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    3C, 4B and anime went out today! I grabbed a bonsai from Michelle81, a Zelda and a tealoving Dino from Machochick and a Sailor Neptune from Pabkins! Awesome art in there
    Hi, my name is Anna!

    BIG ADDRESS WEIRDNESS!! Somehow a weird postal code error is trying to steal all art coming my way!
    REAL CODE: 50676 Cologne
    Faulty code: nope, sorry. Won't type it here and jinx it somehow!
    If you have me on file somewhere, please update or check with me before sending

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    I totally forgot to update. I sent Sci-Fi Fantasy #2 Group yesterday to Egglebeggle's way!
    Theme was Sci-Fi & Fantasy and Halloween is just around the corner, I'm binge watching spoopy movies, I chose Ghostbusters but Slimer instead of the ghost logo.

    I wanted to do more cards, but I can only do one at a time at the moment (taking care of self due to being preggo, severe morning sickness sucks!) :/

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    4B arrived yesterday, that was fast.
    I have a new address.

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    5B arrived while I was away. It'll be hard to choose!

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