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Thread: the Paradox Sketchbook

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    Post the Paradox Sketchbook

    As the title says this is my sketchbook. I am going to be posting my progresses throughout some art projects and even challenges. Any other artwork that I get stuck on and need opinion or the fire for it just needs to be ignited at a later date is also going to be shared. Feel free to jump in and share your thoughts!

    Ongoing projects/challenges that I am working on:
    • 52 Weeks of Postcards 2017 - going on at AFA. I kind of made this harder for myself by doing 4"x6" cards when I could have just done smaller ATCs.
    • 100 Portraits for Self Improvement - self project to help me improve on getting portraits painted properly. Inspired me to start gathering people for a "Define Selfie" project that challenges what selfies are and what they impact today in society.
    • #createthisoracledeck challenge (IG) - Super simple, super fun, and just awesome! There is a free course available you guys for this in which you can create the deck and learn about yourself.
    • #cultivatemarch with The Lettering Tribe (IG) - this tests creative juices plus helps to get practice on lettering if you are into that.
    • Fursona Trading Card Game - promo deck - Thankfully I am only responsible for working on the card template (done) and the art for each for this. This is someone else's creation but I am doing the art. I'll only occasionally share highlighted moments with permission.
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    This is an ATC sized portrait that I made... I literally wanted to see if I could throw facial features down on paper without a reference and see what it would look like. I liked the features and wanted to keep them open thus decided no hair or anything like that to close the features in. Then I have no clue what came over me and I decided to throw that blue down...
    Now I am stuck...truly stuck. I have no clue how to finish this. I am using watercolor and thus layering gets muddy after a few layers. Any thoughts?
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    World Watercolor Month - July 2017
    Hosted by doodlewash (known for the waterdoodle videos on YouTube).

    Progress: total of 44 pieces created for July (6 inchies = 1 piece). If inchies are counted as a single piece than I stand at 66 pieces.

    ***Images are clickable - you'll be taken to an external site where the image can be viewed as a 1,000 KB size image.

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    June Envie for EAU (Envie Addicts Unite)
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    Default Buddy Card Trading - Walkthrough

    ***To be used as an instruction guide for future reference***

    2 artisits, 2 cards - wonderful collaboration

    Official Thread on AFA: 🐼 Buddy Card Trading 🐼

    How It Works
    • Buddy Cards are a set of identical cards created by two different artists
    • In the image above part (1) shows what the "starter set" looks like. A starter set is created by Player 1 then posted online for everyone to see.
    • Player 2 can then claim the set, which are mailed out by Player 1 to Player 2
    • Player 2 then completes both cards (keeping them looking identical as possible).
    • Example of the completed card is part (3) from the image above
    • Both players would then decide who keeps which card (Player 2 must share them)

    • The theme can be decided and set in stone or kept loose.
    • I can make a Starter Set and decide how it should be finished (theme wise) or leave it up to Player 2
    • Before completing the trade: disucss the important stuff such as
      • What medium the cards get completed in
      • Themes/subjects
      • Do Nots (violence, suggestive, political, etc etc etc)
      • Colors, use of materials (embellishments, loose glitter, heavily scented materials, etc)

    Completed Set of Buddy Cards (examples)

    Want to join?
    Hop on over to the website of your choice where you can find the threads already started:
    • ATCsForAll - hand drawn, hand painted, mixed media
    • DeviantArt - hand drawn, hand painted, mixed media

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