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Thread: P&P - Zodiac/Star Sign, DUE April 20, 2017

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    You do an amazing job too macho

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    Here's my "possible" 3rd card, the Leo:

    We still have a few more weeks, so I might add more Zodiac sign pieces

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    Machochick - your Leo card is lovely! - though I think in the swap requirements it says the card must include the zodiac sign somewhere.

    Dragonalloy did I misinterpret?

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    @pabkins - ooooh I missed that. Ok I'm going to incorporate those signs on my cards. Thanks for the heads up!

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    Lol nice catch pabkins i didn't notice it. I was just like yeaaa! Lovely arts! XD I'm loving what i see on peoples cards so far. And where they are taking the signs in their directions.

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    Oh I didn't even notice none of your cards had the symbols! The first two immediately made me think of the symbols they belonged to. With the Leo one I guess without the symbol on that one I was thinking more Thundercats first came to mind. But its still so much fun and I think fits. It just wouldn't have been my first thought.

    YOu know I love your arts!!!!hehe

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    Horray! I look forward to getting them.

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