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Thread: Pabkins Art Attention Deficit

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    I got the extreme bug to do some papercutting so I saw a drawing I never painted hanging on my string and redrew it as a papercut template. The left is the original the right is the redesigned mushi as a papercut, hours of painstaking cutting by hand but such fun!
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    That's really pretty! Just how long did it take to finish? :O

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    I could tell by all the details in your work that you have extreme patience, but that paper cut piece, wow!

    What do you mean "hanging on my string"?
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    @Blanche - I got the bug and started drawing a template probably around 5 or 6pm and didn't finish til nearly 3am. I stopped for snacks! Oh and I used spray adhesive the next day to put it on the red cardstock and then voila done. I think it'll go quicker once I get the hang of drawing in such a way where all the lines are connected because everything is supposed to be connected that is going to stay as the final piece if that makes sense. I ordered a little sharps container and plan to do some more because I really enjoyed it. I snap blades a lot...the tip of one flew in my eye a few weeks ago... I better add protective eye goggles to that to buy list!

    @Catpratt - what I mean by hanging on my string is I have several strings hung up around my studio. 2 across the window and one above my marker rack. I hang cards there that I don't plan to finish anytime soon but don't want to lose or forget about and I hang finished ones there that are part of a personal trade that I have to finish another card for. Only sketches get hung on the strings across the window so they don't fade. Here is the one above my marker rack

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    Another handdrawn then handcut papercard. I don't know if these count as PP or MMA so I didn't post it to the gallery. But figure putting it in my personal project thread is ok.

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