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Thread: Maro's works

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    Default Maro's works

    Hello! I want to share my pictures with You. In this thread, I will be upload my works, sketches and ideas. Now I will show my most popular drawings and paintings. I hope You will like them!

    >>Here You can find more<<

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    Oh! I love your Leopard! Would you be willing to trade something like it in postcard sized? I am happy to create anything custom in return

    You are very talented - welcome!
    I have a new Address! The old one still works (my mom lives there) but PM me for the NEW one

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    Of course I really like Your gallery! It's something I've been looking for. Pm me please And thank You!

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    Gorgeous works. So imaginative. I really really enjoy your colors!!!
    You can call me Cat or Cathy

    I love to trade

    Secret HALLOWEEN Swap! You know you want to play!

    the MANDALA Swap!
    Jump on in the Urban Sketchbook MMH thread!

    My Instagram

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    Lovely work!
    Finally got a cockatiel done that I am happy with. You can see it on my instagram (makilumi).
    Will be posted out on monday.

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    Thanks, LemurKat
    Your cockatiel is gorgeous!

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    Beautiful work. I love the wolf with many tails, it shows such movement. The color is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I've never been in this section of forum before and what a surprise. Makes me thinks I missed a lot.

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    Wow, thank You I am so glad You like my works that much! Comments like this give me a lot of inspiration to create

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    Wonderful and inspiring work! Hard to pick a favorite but I think I'm partial to the birds.

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    Really beautiful work. My favs from the bunch are kitsune pieces, wolf and parrots byt they all are good.

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    Hello! I had a break from forum but I'm back now! I have some new works to share with You

    I hope You will like them

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    Did you check my swap? Is about magical and beautiful creature..

    BTW awesome animals you're really great with them!
    Please... If I write you a pm, for a trade or something else, answer me, even if your not interested... Thanks

    Beautiful Magical Creatures SWAP | Due November 7th; HERE

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    Yes, I checked it but I'm still not sure about participating. Theme is awesome but I have to think about it. I'm afraid that cards can get lost during shipping that's happened with cards for me from Ravens and Crows swap I don't have an enthusiasm at the moment >.<

    And thank You!

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    Awwww it already happened to you, poor you it s*ck
    Please... If I write you a pm, for a trade or something else, answer me, even if your not interested... Thanks

    Beautiful Magical Creatures SWAP | Due November 7th; HERE

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    It's been a while since my last visit. I decided to back here and make trades with You again
    Want to show artworks I created during this time:

    More artworks soon!

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    So glad you decided to return, I think you are wonderfully talented! I hope you have better luck with mail delivery this time around. I just love your "Toothless" if he is up for trade any time soon let me know!
    They call me Sandra

    I am no longer at the Hill View address

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    So many cool creatures! The kitten with the ink is totally adorable. Love the blue tiger!

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    I returned again and I really hope to stay with You way longer than last time : )
    Had some issues in life but I'm here again.
    Here You can see the video where I'm showing the old sketchbook I have found lately!
    ✨See my all art HERE
    I do: digital art, traditional art and pyrography (burned on wood)

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