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Thread: Geisha swap?

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    Default Geisha swap?

    geisha swap?

    Would anyone be interested in a geisha swap, we're we could have traditional geishas, futuristic ones, your own designs, alien ones etc - so it's more of a geisha inspired swap really lol

    I know a few people collect them and although I've painted quite a few I'm not sure if I have more than one or two I think it would be really interesting to see different interpretations too, I'm not sure if we would need to have specific rules though eg they must have a kimono or they must have ... That sort of thing

    As for a due date how does mid to the end of April sound?

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    They are so cool! The detail possibilities are so cool! Once in a while I wonder whether any offense could be taken regarding this subject, by Japanese people?

    I don't know the answer! I think it's safe to say that no offense is intended here, and that's the best we can do unless we hear differently.

    I would join!

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    My January partner and I are doing one. Would love to keep the momentum And make more for sure!
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    I think that sounds fun!
    Kylie Johnston

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