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Thread: cards i owe people

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    Default cards i owe people

    hi sorry to all who have traded with me recently i've 'fell of the wagon' so to speak. i'm making a list of all cards i owe here but i'm sure i've forgot some or if i've got them mixed up , so if you have a trade with me can check here to make sure i got your card right before i send them all out on saturday. Also i i've forgot any one can you let me know

    so far from what i can remember i have trades with;
    balletbon - rainbow tree
    skyelance - autumn goddess + art print
    tfbalding - green haired chic from art a thon
    annd- octopus
    grrrjules- pear
    DADolgy- abby from NCIS
    Goobeetsa - poison ivy
    amberskyfire - death (endless)
    waterblossoms - art a thon sun
    capratt - egyptian art a thon horse
    GMSS - monthly match in with swap cards

    all these cards are ready to post, i just have to put them in envelopes

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    There she is! Hi Kre! I don't know if you know it, but your mailbox is full. Your April Match Game partner was trying to contact you - I told her to make you a Nuada card.
    Oh! You pretty things!
    Don't you know you're driving your mothers and fathers insane?

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    Yeah, hi, Kre! I was your April Match partner. I was just waiting to hear from you as to what you want in your card and about your address. Goodmorningstarshine did indeed hint that you might like a Prince Nuada? I'll definitely draw him if you want. And you can draw whatever you want from my list of interests.

    Would you mind if we extended the deadline a bit? Something like May 8th, perhaps?

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    Sounds like an extended deadline will be very acceptable

    I hope you're doing okay, Kre!

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    glad you are back! I will send your cards postal today looking forward to the trade

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    I found your mailbox full as well...I just need your addy Kre...Please PM me...
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    thanks everyone

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    your cards from me went off today!

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    Kre did you ever get the moon 4x6 & ATC I sent off to you earlier this summer? I think we both fell off the mail art wagon at the same time.
    Just getting back into the swing of trading after a crazy year.

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    Hey Kre. Glad you are back in the atmosphere. I did send you a pm reguarding your cards for the Elementals Swap. Did you get those in the mail? I havent received them yet.
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    hey there. i just discovered this thread myself, & i'm wondering if the Hand (our trade) & the cards i sent (PIFs) made it to you ok. hope it all falls together for ya soon!

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