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Thread: STICKY: Customs Forms for Mail Art Traders

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    Default STICKY: Customs Forms for Mail Art Traders

    Most countries have a customs & duty tax on imports from other countries. This means that the recipient of the goods has to pay a tax before they can receive the goods. To avoid this, please put the following on all customs forms:

    • Check it off as a gift
    • Value should be either NCV (no commerical value) or $20 or less.
    • Tag it as "homemade art"

    None of the above is a lie since the art is being traded, not bought. And it's homemade. So no need to feel bad about it (for those who might).

    This usually won't apply to ATCs of course but anything going out in a padded envelope (like chunky pages) or a box (like Secret Santa) will need a customs form if traveling outside your country.

    I once had to pay $25 to receive 3 ATCs (valued at $50 each). Very painful!
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    Thanx for this Sal.
    Here in Italy they are VERY strict with this, anything quoted of $20.00 and over gets whacked with a tax.
    A $50.00 declared customs forms means we have to pay about $18.00, had the same problem as Sal for some ATCs once !!! .
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    Yes, thank you for bringing this up, Sal. I remember one Christmas I had to pay $80 in customs charges just to pick up a package mailed here from the US because the person didn't mark it as a gift and put the value at like $100 US. It was ridiculous. Always keep customs in mind when you are mailing to other countries.
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