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Moleskine Collaborative Journals

Moleskine Collaborative Journals - Participation Requirements

Because this swap requires a huge, very long-term commitment of time and resources, and because it is absolute heartbreak when a journal goes missing (unfortunately, it happens), there are special requirements for participation in a swap of this type. You must:
  1. Be an actively trading iATC member (defined as: positive iTrader across 2 swaps in the last 3 months)
  2. Have 3+ months in good standing (no neutrals or negative iTraders)
  3. Have an iTrader rating of 25+
  4. Be willing and able to do your very best work on a strict, inflexible time line, over a long period
  5. Be willing and able to complete four (4) 3x5 journal pages in the themes chosen by your fellow participants
  6. Have the cash resources necessary to ship eight journals around the world using First Class mail with mandatory tracking

Note: AFA members of iATCs can use their AFA stats to fulfill these requirements.

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