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Intellectual property

As our members know, the cards posted on this site are in every sense the intellectual and artistic property of their creators. Visitors to the site who are not members should be aware that it is both intellectually dishonest and unethical to copy images of artwork that you did not create and claim credit for their creation. Please do not steal from our artists.

Policy on Site Promotions & Call for Entries

We have an open promotions policy at the website. No one will get in trouble for posting links to other sites or commercial stores. Promotions of this sort are acceptable at any time:
  • Links to your own craft or art store
  • Links to other craft or art stores
  • Call for entries from publishers, galleries or other shows
  • Event Listings
  • Notices of other ATC trading sites or places
We ask only that you don't bug our members by private messaging them about your latest store sale or something cheesy like that. Just promote it in the General Discussions forum or in your forum signature.

However, our PM system and member roster should never be used as a means to recruit new members directly. While we believe in free trading for everyone, anywhere, using this site's member list to recruit elsewhere is considered poaching and will not be tolerated. You will receive an infraction. Please be open and direct and use our Promotions Forum for new site announcements. Please note that we are not responsible for the content or management of linked sites so visit at your own risk. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.

Private messages are not monitored at but we ask that you refer to our Terms of Service for our policy on what is acceptable on this website.

Image Censorship

First and foremost, this is an art site and we do not censor art. You are welcome to upload cards that are adult oriented (including genitals), controversial or otherwise weird, shocking or gross. However, we do draw the line here:
  • Persons under the age of 18 cannot legally be depicted nude, partially nude, in undergarments, and in an erotic or other sexually driven manner in any art on this site. Additionally, artwork in any style that depicts images of minors in a sexually oriented manner is prohibited. The rules regarding this matter apply equally to all forms of art posted to the gallery, in an avatar, in a profile picture, or as an attachment in a thread.
  • We do not allow racist or hate cards (including extreme misogyny and misandry) in our gallery for any reason.
If images are found in violation of this policy, the staff will immediately remove the content and will notify the member via PM.

Cards Lost in the Mail

These policies only apply to cards proven to be made (ie the cards were created and shown in the swap thread or in the trader's gallery).
  • Personal Trade: Cards don't have to be remade but it is strongly encouraged. It's the nice thing to do.

  • Swap Cards: Cards don't have to be remade and hosts don't have to send returns unless they want to. We do encourage swap hosts to send extra cards from their hostess gifts if they received any but it's not mandatory. Players are welcome to send angel cards as well. Please don't wait past the due date for cards that may be lost. Swaps still need to run on time.

  • PAT Cards: Cards don't have to be remade. Hosts should send cards made for the member whose cards were lost in the mail back to the other group members who made them. It is up to the player whose cards were lost to decide if they will be making replacements. If so, private trades can be arranged between individual group members via PM if both parties agree. Negative iTraders should not be given if PAT cards are lost in the mail. We realize that no one wins in this situation and it's difficult either way.

If there is no proof that a personal trade card or PAT cards were made, please contact an admin who will deal with the situation on a case by case basis. Please note that negative iTraders will result if no proof of PAT cards exists unless the player whose cards were lost agrees to remake them. Please be sure to always scan or photograph your cards and post them in the thread or gallery to be safe.

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