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ACEO Gallery Category

We realize that some members do sell cards and prints and we want to allow promotion of those cards and help our members sell if we can.

That said, the ACEO gallery is only for active members who also trade and join swaps. You cannot become a member here solely to promote your own sales. We require anyone posting ACEOs to have an iTrader rating of +5 to use the ACEO category. Additionally, at least one of those iTraders needs to have been earned in the last six months. Cards that do not conform to this requirement may be removed by moderators without notice.

If you have a sale on eBay or Etsy or somewhere else, you are free to show off the card here with a link to your sale page. If you sell the card, just make a note in the description. It can remain in the ACEO gallery after a sale since it still is an ACEO. is primarily a trading site and always will be. The ACEO category is there soley to help out our fellow artists.


Limits on Using iATCs' Gallery

iATCs is primarily a trading site, not a site for self-promotion or marketing. Although we cannot REQUIRE members to trade here, we can and do impose restrictions on gallery use. To post either a) ACEOs or b) cards that you have traded on other sites, you must be an active member of iATCs, meaning:

  • You have an iTrader rating of 5+
  • You have earned at least one of those iTraders from an iATCs member for a trade conducted on iATCs during the last 6 months

Of course, new members are welcome to post cards before meeting the +5 requirement, as long as they are actively seeking trades and making art for swaps on THIS website.

Inactive members who post ACEOs or cards traded on other sites will receive an initial warning from Administrators, after which, they may face suspension and/or loss of all membership privileges.

Active members who regularly participate in swaps and trades are welcome to post ACEOs and images that are not available for trade on iATCs.

Members are restricted to a maximum of 300 uploads (all categories combined) in their personal gallery. If you require more space, please delete old cards or contact an admin to inquire about donation options that increase your gallery space to unlimited.

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