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Argh, the last few months have been pretty meh as you probably know if you read my whiny rants in the Bad Days thread. A death, moving, being totally broke and hot weather have all contributed to not a lot of time or desire to do much art. And whenever this happens, even when I start to get the time to do it again, for some reason I start to procrastinate with it. I get used to just surfing the net and watching shows on Netflix and suddenly art feels like a chore. Which is terrible, because when I'm in the zone I'm as happy as I'll probably ever be. Right now I think I'm coming out of the woods of this lazyness however; I've forced myself into a few MMHs and now that August is almost here it's time to start thinking about the fall season, my FAVORITE time of year and the best time (to me, anyway) to join swaps. I even have one in mind that I'd like to host. So anyway. Hopefully things drift towards normal again and I get get back to my normal arty self, especially for the most fun part of the creative year. See ya.
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  1. rkolig -
    rkolig's Avatar
    Maybe there was something in the air, cuz I sure was in a rut too. I'm looking forward to fall when my art group starts meeting up again. That always helps.

    Looking forward to seeing what you host!!
  2. themuppet -
    themuppet's Avatar
    Ugh it's terrible!! the heat totally kicks my ass and makes me not want to do anything at all. Then when I'm stressed out I freak out and spend all my time freaking out instead of being productive. You're definitely not alone!!
  3. Ziptango -
    Ziptango's Avatar
    Time to go have some fun (forget about art), and go do/look at something beautiful. Fill the well, so you have images and inspiration to draw from. I find going to a gallery with fresh art gives me a good jolt to create again.