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New Etsy shop!!

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I just want to say that I opened an Etsy shop for my jewelry

If you're looking for something original for yourself or a gift, you may find something there. There'll be more items added in the near future and as I developpe new products. I also take custom orders =)

Oh and the shipping fees are on me if you use the coupon code FREESHIPPING

Updated 04-16-2011 at 11:47 PM by HeavenPhoenix

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  1. -
    's Avatar
    what's your shop's url? i searched for heavenphoenix and didn't find it.
  2. HeavenPhoenix -
    HeavenPhoenix's Avatar
    Ooops, forgot to put it in the post XD It's
  3. acalla -
    acalla's Avatar
    I hearted you

    I just opened one too!