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I've been writing a novel. It's an urban fantasy set in a small town in Georgia. Rural fantasy? Town fantasy? =D Magic is real and creepy things come out at night, and during the day. Let's be honest.

That got me thinking about the importance of writing every day, and the magic we miss in every day life, just by being so busy. I just decided to put some mini books up, having revisited the importance of always having something neato on hand to scribble in/on.

I made a few larger books for artist friends as spell books, and they were quite popular. I recently gave the biggest book to my mother for the holidays, with a personal note. I told her she must write in it. I value her thoughts, and no book is too fine to hold them.

Have you ever purchased a one of a kind sketchbook or hand bound book and been too intimidated to write in it? I'm guilty of this myself. I want to wait for 'just the right' project or thoughts or... anything. It's just an excuse, I think.

Whether it's a doodle that took 20 seconds or a 5 hour life drawing, self recording is so important. It helps us think through things, to see the patterns in our lives, and to just make a mark or a record. There's a reason people painted on caves. They could have been hunting for food instead of fiddling around with pigment, but they made the time.

So should we!

I pulled aside a couple of my mini books for myself. I'll find the time, somehow, despite the demanding nature of grad school.

How about you guys? Do you keep journals/sketchbooks? Do you post them somewhere? I'm also working on a zine called Spiral Bound, with samples of journal images, and reasons why people write. Sample journal entries are also welcome, be they scanned or handwritten. It'll be produced at about 4.25 x 5, horizontal format. If you have any interest in submitting to that, please feel free to message me here. =)

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  1. Tlouey -
    Tlouey's Avatar
    those are gorgeous
  2. EraserQueen -
    EraserQueen's Avatar
    I love the candy colors, these are great