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Love Me, Love My Belly

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I've temporarily abandoned my mail art (and a serious ATC addiction) for the lurid world of writing. I got a crazy hair at an art opening in May(ish), to go back to school for a Masters. In English. And it was another artist who nudged me toward it. (We were both in the show, of course. You know how conversations go when you're at an opening for a couple hours. Topics vary wildly!)

My first semester is just drawing to a close. I've finished my 2 portfolios for the classes that require them, put 26 pieces of poetry and short fiction out for consideration, and now I've turned a little attention to my zine. It's a new issue of Fat Girl, which has been renamed, with this new issue with a new name. Love Me, Love My Belly is a collaboration.

The plan here is to take the best of FG 1-15 and compile it, with new material, into the new, fatter, more luscious LMLMB. This zine is art heavy! I could use a hand, if you have good scans of your fat mermaids, fat ladies, tattooed fat ladies, etc.

It's all about body positive imagery and words, from letters to rants to essays, fiction, poems, and miniature memoirs to beautiful body positive fat art. Work is accepted from men and women. All work must be body positive overall, even if it includes bits of body negativity. (Sometimes we just have those days!)

If you would like to contribute art or writing, please submit a .doc, .rtf (writing) or a .jpg or .png (art) to fatgirl (at) evematrix (dot) com. All ages, voices, and views welcome.

LMLMB pays accepted contributors in copies, the # is based on how many pages of work you submit. 1 copy for sure.

If I receive enough work, I may release it via Blurb, but I am also considering a hand binding if money/time permits the artist book style to happen. As I gather the material and lay everything out, the format will reveal itself.

Please include with your work:
  • A bio of 50 words or less.
  • a URL or email you wish to be listed with your bio.
  • the name you'd like to be credited under.
  • subject line in email: FAT GIRL SUBMISSION.
  • if you were inspired by a particular artist (with links)!

Here's hoping I can get myself back into making art along with writing, and hoping I can help some other artists publicize your work. I plan to link to illustrated ATCs in the publication, as a great place to find body positive artwork.

Deadline is rolling. Until I fill it. And then there's another issue to be filled after that. And after that. =D

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  1. HeavenPhoenix -
    HeavenPhoenix's Avatar
    That's one awesome project, really!