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To my fingernails.

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If my fingernails get any more broken, split and nubby, I will not have any FINGERS. And they hurt. They did this a couple of months ago and I about choked on all the vitamins I took. I'm not doing that again. I take a powerful multi-vitamin for bone health and that's ALL these nails are getting. I eat protein, actually I eat pretty good. So these nails can just GET WITH IT. work it out. I'm tired of this..

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  1. Earthworkr -
    Earthworkr's Avatar
    Vitamin E or fish oil.... I KNOW, I KNOW, your not taking anything else.. I'm just sayin'...

    You should try being a full time potter. Can't have fingernails long to start with because they just get in the way, and even if you did get them long, they would soon wear off, split, etc. Basically, with the grit in the clay, its like having a sanding wheel in your hands all day. It is a nice derm-abrasion. lol. And I cant even explain how bad it dries the skin out! I use olive oil a lot in place of lotion.
  2. Cindyjob -
    Cindyjob's Avatar
    I had a student say to me yesterday "I do not know how you can stand to have such bad hands all the time Ms. Blair"...I was trying to rub Hand Cream in well enough that I could handle papers for the next class without getting them greasy and she was concerned because there was still blue paint stain under my nails. I explained that the more I washed them the worse they dried out and told her if she was fussy about her hands art teacher would be a bad job for her when she grows up
    Earthworkr, clay tears my hands up and we just hand build!!!!
  3. Earthworkr -
    Earthworkr's Avatar
    HAHA... Cindy... Deep down inside I think artists kinda just love to have paint under their fingernails... If i get up in the morning, come out of the shower, and don't STILL have some sort of permanent marker, super glue, leather dye, or some sort of semi-permanent art supplies on me, then i know i need to get busy! Its a badge of honor!
    Updated 11-18-2010 at 09:46 AM by Earthworkr (I edited my post because im and idiot and I spell like crap.)
  4. Randi -
    Randi's Avatar
    Wow, I know what you mean! I've worked with clay before and it just zaps the moisture from your skin! But the results of the clay are so worth it. And cindy, oh boy, do I know how that is, paints and ink stains all over. But it's so worth it too!

    They are still pathetic. I don't know what brought this on.
  5. nicci -
    nicci's Avatar
    have you had your vitamin D checked? i found out mine was super low when i had a blood test... my fingernails were splitting strangely and i was tired all the time. talk about choking down vitamins, though. omg. huge pills.

    when i was working in clay a lot, i had to moisturize every time i washed my hands lol. dry dry dry.