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In recent weeks, I've been splitting my time between large pieces and ATCs, with some art journals stuck in the middle there. My favorite 'on the side' art endeavor is art journaling, working in altered books, signatures, or full on sketchbooks traded back and forth with other artists. I'm hosting several of my own swaps on, of a signature trading variety (cheaper than mailing entire books, and you can bind your own into a cool artist book later).

Today was a pretty great mail day. The sun was out, the puppies and I took a day off from work to the best advantage and basked. I received the returns from 2 swaps over on AFA: Happy Cupcakes & my favorite so far, Step Right Up! Sideshow Punks, Freaks, & Geeks.

Whether it's a journal page or an ATC these days, it's all about the layers. I usually start with painted bases: gesso > multiple layers of acrylic > collage > gesso > drawing > watercolor > gel pen.

The ATCs start to function as miniature art journals. Sometimes I think I should keep more of them than I do. Most of my ATCs sail off to other locations, artists, and homes -- shuffled through the hands of hosts to be sent on a journey to someone else's studio.

I think I'll go make some more.

Swap some stuff:

More @ Flickr:

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  1. Kitten Heart -
    Kitten Heart's Avatar
    Im with you on the layers - I love adding stuff on top of other stuff, and then some more. So much fun!
  2. flashviv -
    flashviv's Avatar
    Love your layers and your beautiful colours, and yes I know exactly what you mean about keeping vs swapping art, most of mine goes out into the world so I can welcome more art from the world into my collection, but you have the answer - just make more!
  3. nicci -
    nicci's Avatar
    mal: my motto is 'if you don't like it, paint over it'. =D

    flash: thank you! you know, i think most of us send out a lot of out small art. the only way i usually keep it is if it's too damn big to fit easily into a standard envelope!