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Live ATC Trading!

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I've never traded in person before... so, it was cool that Erika (TempestStudios) and I were invited by Theo Nelson to go to Calgary this afternoon to attend their monthly ATC trading thing-a-ma-jig!!

It wasn't really gigantic or anything, they say they have more people in the fall. But it was a really neat experience to see people in person and see that YES there are other people in Alberta who make ATCs.. lol!

This are photos of Tlouey(me..duh), TheoNelson, and TempestStudios from today! Woo!!!

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  1. Tlouey -
    Tlouey's Avatar
    I look like a freak and my bra strap is showing.. but whatever :p
  2. Cindyjob -
    Cindyjob's Avatar
    LOL @ the bra strap...I never noticed till you pointed it out. You all look great AND as if you called each other up to decide what to wear. Glad it was a fun experience.
  3. -
    's Avatar
    tlou you are adorable, bra strap and all!
  4. arteeztmom -
    arteeztmom's Avatar
    Who's the cute professor/rocker who's enjoying you on his lap?????
  5. Tlouey -
    Tlouey's Avatar
    HAHAHAHAHA I'm not on his lap.. OH MAN.. hahahaha... um, anyway, that's Theo Nelson.