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Blind Drawings - Double Blind over on AFA

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(penciled original head by siena)

Multiple layers. gesso, paint, gesso, paint, acrylic lining, acrylic words, gesso, gel pen.

I didn't photograph the start before working. people drew heads only, lightly in pencil. mouth, eyes, head. I added the bodies, hair, backgrounds, words, etc etc.

(penciled original head by amymax)

The one I liked the least when I received it is actually the one I ended up liking the most. Bizarre what extra layers will do.

(penciled original head by jazzie)

I find I get annoyed when I receive something on paper that's barely cardstock, but gesso makes everything ok again.

It might be interesting to try some journal pages in this way. Larger. Anyway, there's one blind draw currently going on AFA if any of y'all are interested!
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  1. EraserQueen -
    EraserQueen's Avatar
    These look awesome! I love your colors