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Feelin' Guilty

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Right now I don't have a job outside of selling art which I don't get to do very often (damned economy). So I stay at home and clean the house and do laundry, etc, and do art. The art part has me feeling guilty. I essentially have days and days of free time which I spend doing whatever I want, while my boyfriend works to bring home the bacon.

Last year I got a job at a gas station and got fired (well, they let me resign) for not being social enough. Which I guess I totally agree with, I'm pretty quiet and shy and this makes it really hard to APPLY for a job, not to mention get one. I applied recently to work in a library which I think would be neat, lots of quiet time and solitary busy work with the occasional pointing someone in the right direction. It's one of the jobs suggested online for introverts and shy people.

But if I can't get something like that, I don't know what I'll do. I shouldn't really feel guilty; my boyfriend is a great guy and isn't pressuring or guilting me about the whole job thing, he buys me supplies without me even asking (which gets him tickled into the floor) and really likes my art. He even wants me to do the graphics for the online game he is programming. Bust still.. I hate getting to do what I love practically all day with no real substantial monetary benefit while he works. *sigh* I think I'll have just to try harder to get commissions then.
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  1. -
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    sounds like you have an awesome boyfriend!
  2. Evil Seedlet -
    Evil Seedlet's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by katilady
    sounds like you have an awesome boyfriend!
    <3 I really, really do.
  3. EraserQueen -
    EraserQueen's Avatar
    Aw, Just keep making you art! Feeling guilty takes away from mental energy of being able to dream up cool art ideas to sell! The economy WILL pick up, the USA stock market is doing better and as soon as Europe gets over their economic chicken-little period, the economy here will do even better.

    And yeah, I worked at a library and it was great!
  4. Earthworkr -
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    Hey, I make a living doing pottery and sculpture. And believe me, the past 2 years or so have really sucked. But, i blame myself somewhat because theres venues out there if we actually go out and LOOK. And yes, its very very very hard to overcome the introverted nature we have. Swallow hard, tell yourself you are what you are, and you help make the world go around, and get out there and find some places to sell your art.