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Life Drawing Club, Week 2

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Week 2 for the iATCs Figure Drawing Club. This woman is in pencil and watercolour, David Mack style... or at least that's what I was trying for, lol. Not sure I succeeded. If I have time, I'd like to do the woman again, in Shiele style. Could be freaky.

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Life Drawings


  1. EraserQueen -
    EraserQueen's Avatar
    Ooo, I would LOVE to see a Shiele version! Maybe I'll try a Modigliani!

    I think you succeeded in getting Mack right, you can tell he uses watercolor and you got some nice effect with it here!
  2. Randi -
    Randi's Avatar
    I sure hope I get back to practicing so I can do something half this good! Man this is top shelf work!
  3. Rapa -
    Rapa's Avatar
    I love your watercolor effect - and what a lovely pose.