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4x4 inch hearts have been a favorite of mine for a few months. I'm slowly working on various sizes, and upload hem to a blog when the urge to scan strikes (which is rarely -- ugh, image editing). Heart shaped is my favorite format these days, whether it's 4x4, sculpture, or ATC sized.

Below is an installation I did with ceramic hearts suspended from the ceiling. They hang in the middle of an 8x8 foot room--a room painted red. Along the walls are nude photos. The hearts prevent the viewer from backing up from the photos too much, and swing almost constantly (either from contact, or from a breeze in the gallery) which is why they're a little blurry here.

You can see more of the installation and photos here: NWS.


Do you have any repeating themes or shapes that crop up a lot in your work? Mine are hearts, swirls, eyes, leaves, and stars.

(The work in this blog post ranges the last 5 years.)
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  1. HeavenPhoenix -
    HeavenPhoenix's Avatar
    Oh wow, your hearts are absolutely amazing!!! I looove them =) Hearts are quite recurrent in my work too. And that installation rocks!
  2. Amerasu -
    Amerasu's Avatar
    Gorgeous!!! They're so cool and funky!
  3. arekanderina -
    arekanderina's Avatar
    i LOVE your way with hearts! i like using them symbolically in art too, it's such a simple but beautiful theme.