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Well, my mom says I was born with a pencil in my hand XD But seriously, I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil. I've always loved art, really. My dad use to draw, I think I got it from there. Both my parents always encouraged me and payed me drawing and painting lessons, wich I totally loved. I was the kind of student that was always drawing in my textbooks and always in the art class. In the last two years of high school, we had this sketchbook that we were supposed to use only for art class, but I would carry mine all the time with me and I nearly filled it.

When it was time for me to choose what I wanted to study, I knew that it was going to be something artistic. But I didn't want to go to fine arts: it must be super awesome, but I think that I can learn by myself if I really want to. Since I wanted to learn something new, I looked up the list of "métiers d'art" (can't find a proper translation) and when I saw jewelry, I realized that, even if I don't wear much of it, I had always been fascinated by it. So I decided to try and I really fell in love with the whole thing. It's been three years now and I just got my diploma

When I went to college, I didn't have time to draw anymore, and it made me very sad. I went to an art supply place in Montréal and they had those precut Strathmore ATC blanks. I searched the web a little, found iATCs and decided that I could give it a shot to see if I'd like it. And I became COMPLETELY addicted to it XD It's great because they are easy to carry around (I use my pencil case) and I could work on them in my breaks or at job. And I always loved to collect things so it's great for that too. And as of now, they're basically the only drawings I do. But I'd like to do some illustration in the future. So that's it I guess =)

My ATC collection (there's a bit more than 200 cards in there)

My two pencil cases and the case where I keep my greeting cards and stamps and everything for trades.

Oh and if you really want to, you can view a ton of things that I did before college on my abandonned DA page.
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  1. nicci -
    nicci's Avatar
    HP: It seems that a lot of us find ATCs just when we need them, and then they become an addiction of epic proportions. I'm really interested in seeing more of your jewelry. I've learned to weld, and I poured bronze once, but I've never made any jewelry... which seems silly now, since my father was a jeweler, and my mother was, briefly, a diamond setter. I've made some beaded jewelry, but it's not the same!

    I kind of wish I could compartmentalize my art supplies into three boxes. My studio... omg. It's overwhelming most days, so i sit down and make ATCs when I could be doing large paintings, because there's only enough space clear to work on something tiny. I'm trying to clean it in honor of spring. Help meeeeeeeeeee. lol

    Not many places around here offer jewelry, and the summer course offered by a University in driving distance always has a wait list way in advance. One day, though... one day. =)
  2. HeavenPhoenix -
    HeavenPhoenix's Avatar
    Lol my "studio" may stand in three boxes, but I have a real hard time keeping everything else I own in such tiny spaces! I'm a total mess XD

    If you still have some of your dad's tools, I think you could totally buy a book such as The Complete Metalsmith and experiment by yourself, if you ever feel like doing so. Besides the torch, you'd only need a saw, some files and maybe a churn or rotary tool with some brushes to polish a bit. Oh and some acid to clean up your metal after heating/brazing (in french we call it "déroché", I can't find what it is in english...) I think you could do some pretty neat things!