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When Gesso Attacks + Influence

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The material I use most often in my studio is gesso. It goes on everything, and sometimes it goes on things that would rather it didn't -- like the time Momo (a puppy) decided to jam his nose onto my lap when I was painting. He spent a good part of the day with a white splotch on his sniffer.

In the case of this piece, I scraped a minimal layer of gesso atop some acrylic and paper, and I fully intended to do a whole painting. Instead, as I watched Walk the Line, I became less and less interested in the coverage, and more interested in the details.

This could have had something to do with distraction because of JP. I'd been avoiding the movie for some time, because it gets a little heavy. (Turned out to be quite good, though.)

I guess Folsam Prison Blues = girly jail tattoos.

Do you find the things you watch influence your work?

While watching CSI, I made the cupcake ATCs below. I still don't know what that was about. What I do know is I don't usually use such dark colors for a background...

Maybe it was all the putrid corpse flesh on the tele. Blue frosting for cyanosis? Uh. Maybe.

Doc Robbins must have cracked a funny, because the limes are almost jaunty.

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  1. HeavenPhoenix -
    HeavenPhoenix's Avatar
    Those cupcakes are cute!! And I love the sketch in the second pic. And I must be a voyeur to because I love your "behind the scenes" blog entries =)
  2. nicci -
    nicci's Avatar
    hahaha. HP. we will be voyeurs together!
  3. EraserQueen -
    EraserQueen's Avatar
    I am addicted to looking at that first photo there..something about the way the orange blends with the gesso is so creamy and delicious looking. If you ever wanted to trade something white and orange, or yellow, white orange and light turquoise, lemme know! I collect those colors! I'd be happy to make you art in your favorite colors