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Gel Pens Are Evil

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Nothing annoys me more than reaching for a gel pen only to have it not write properly, or at all! As you can see from the image below, it sort of worked here.

I find that they're iffy on super glossy surfaces, iffy on matte surfaces, but love a semi-matte surface just fine. Why, why must an acrylic painting always wish for gel pen, only to have it work some of the time? Gellyroll pens, you are my baaaane. And yet I love you so.

Anyone have any tips/tricks to share when working with gel pens? Tapping them every half latter makes me crazy.
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  1. Tlouey -
    Tlouey's Avatar
    I thought it was just me!! GAR gel pens annoy me!!
  2. Tlouey -
    Tlouey's Avatar
    ...i like them in theory... but they are always letting me down
  3. dina54 -
    dina54's Avatar
    Start the ink flowing on a test paper, then BARELY press down on the actual work area, letting the ink flow off the edge of the pen. Takes a bit of practice but it works great especially on glossy surfaces.
  4. EraserQueen -
    EraserQueen's Avatar
    Girlfriend, you NEED a Sakura Souffle pen! They were meant for glossy non-porous surfaces.

    they have great white pen 3-packs. And the ink really is NOT very doesn't feel like you're drawing with puff paint or anything LOL.
  5. Amerasu -
    Amerasu's Avatar
    Looks like I need one of the Souffle pens, lol! I usually do what Dina does - keep a piece of dark scrap paper handy and every time my gel pen acts naughty, I scribble on the scrap til good and then go lightly.
  6. nicci -
    nicci's Avatar
    i tried what Dina suggested, never works for me. i think i write too much! hmm i have wanted to try the Souffle pens. they've been on my dickblick wishlist for 2 years lol! will have to get some for my glossy stuff!