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Mini Sketchbook Signatures

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Since I just finished a small body of work for a show, and I'm between major projects, I decided to work on some mini colorful signatures for eventually binding together into a sketchbook with crazy handmade covers.

What makes them so awesome is multiple layers so the pages are really tactile as well as brightly colored. I've used this technique a lot lately in altered books/journal/sketchbook swaps.

For the newest set (see image in last blog post, linked below), I basically took a pad of bristol board, and trimmed the sheets down to 6 inches tall and left them 12 inches wide, then tri-folded (irregularly) and stacked 2 pages together to make each signature. A thread is tied around the pages to hold them together, and then I gesso them and paint backgrounds before adding more stuff (drawings, paintings, collage, atcs sewn on...)

Every fold is painted a different color, with thinned acrylics over gesso to leave the pages semi-matte. Gel pens work awesomely over that surface!

More photos to come of other sigs as I finish them. This signature features a blind drawing I did with the technique listed in my last blog entry.

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  1. Amerasu -
    Amerasu's Avatar
    Looks pretty awesome! Love your bright colours.
  2. nicci -
    nicci's Avatar
    Thanks! I find working in bright colors helps to improve my mood no matter what it may have been. Let's hear it for color therapy!