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End of studies project : necklace and ring part II

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First garnet is set =)

Finished!! (I played around with contrast in those pics)


Blurry pic of both pieces

Box for the necklace

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  1. -
    's Avatar
    that necklace is freaking amazing!
  2. reneenault -
    reneenault's Avatar
    Wow! Very cool, I'm so impressed!!
  3. inkleaves -
    inkleaves's Avatar
    ooooh, bird skully-like head... awesome piece!
  4. EraserQueen -
    EraserQueen's Avatar
    This is really stunning! I love the bird and the set stones, gorgeous!
  5. sabrinalouisemiller -
    sabrinalouisemiller's Avatar
    This is great! It looks exactly like your sketches do - I'm so impressed that you could translate the 2-D into 3-D using metal. And the box that it is kept in is such a fantastic touch. Details make everything better.