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End of studies project : necklace and ring

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Hello there!

Here are some pics of my final project. There's the whole process and the finished pieces. The bracelet should be coming soon too =) It's all sterling silver with onyx (eye of the bird and in the ring) and garnets that are set in 18K gold.

Thanks for looking!! And if you happen to be in Montréal for the begining of September, tell me and I'll send you a flyer for the premiere of our exhibition (it'll be awesome: 15 sick projects!)

First branches with my copper model for the bird's head.

More branches.

The chasing process begins.

Chasing is done!

It's weird how the silver bird is thinner than the copper one since they started with the same drawing...

Back of the bird.

Almost done...

Weird (and kinda dangerous...) setting in an attempt to solder the clasp.

The clasp. P.-S.: It was NOT intended for it to look like a peanut. I hadn't realized it before it was done... If I had to do it again, I'd do it differently, that's for sure!!

To be continued in the next blog entry... (limited number of pics)
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  1. flashviv -
    flashviv's Avatar
    beautiful jewellery, love the necklace, you have really made some special pieces here,
  2. Lucie -
    Lucie's Avatar
    WOW Audrey ! Tu crée de magnifiques colliers, tu m'impressionnes beaucoup. Est-ce que tu les vends ? Ce sont des pièces uniques vraiment très belles.