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Flirting with Mail Art again...

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Finished grad school & am now teaching. My yearly mini fine art print swap is on, and this year it's all about images of Spring. I'm hosting it over on Facebook, and it's open to everyone. If you happen to read this blog and are interested, message me!

If you like bright colors and miniature printmaking, this might be a great exchange for you. The only requirements are size (4x4 inch paper, edition of 14), the use of at least one color other than black ink, and your own original imagery done in a traditional print method.

Limit: 14-20 artists.

No commercial stamps, please! No digital for this swap. Feel free to hand alter your prints with colored pencils or pen or collage.

Screen prints, etching, lino cuts, carved erasers or potato stamps, anything with a matrix/plate, gelli plate, etc. Feel free to use handmade stencils too!

Potential image inspiration:
Things you see in this season, things you love about it: Daffodils, fat honey bees, butterflies, noisy tree frogs, cicadas, looking up at the sky from a pool , grill outs, parties, colorful birds at the feeder, squirrel nookie, fluffy clouds, mojitos in excess, flip flops, polka dot bikinis, outdoor music festivals, ice cream cones, freshly manicured toes, porch sittin'.

You send:
14 prints in an edition, 4x4 inch (10x10 cm) paper.
$3 USD for return postage + large return address label.

You receive:
14 prints by various artists! This mini collection is like a love letter from Spring.

Deadline: Postmarked April 24.

Please feel free to invite your artist-friends. Message me for a mailing address (if you don't already have it) when you're ready to send.


If you're in the mood for some potato stamping, Flickr has a lot of cool stuff: Yeaaaaah!
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