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  1. Live ATC Trading!

    I've never traded in person before... so, it was cool that Erika (TempestStudios) and I were invited by Theo Nelson to go to Calgary this afternoon to attend their monthly ATC trading thing-a-ma-jig!!

    It wasn't really gigantic or anything, they say they have more people in the fall. ...
  2. Blind Drawings - Double Blind over on AFA

    (penciled original head by siena)

    Multiple layers. gesso, paint, gesso, paint, acrylic lining, acrylic words, gesso, gel pen.

    I didn't photograph the start before working. people drew heads only, lightly in pencil. mouth, eyes, head. I added the bodies, hair, backgrounds, words, etc etc.

    (penciled ...
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  3. Feelin' Guilty

    Right now I don't have a job outside of selling art which I don't get to do very often (damned economy). So I stay at home and clean the house and do laundry, etc, and do art. The art part has me feeling guilty. I essentially have days and days of free time which I spend doing whatever I want, while my boyfriend works to bring home the bacon.

    Last year I got a job at a gas station and got fired (well, they let me resign) for not being social enough. Which I guess I totally agree with, ...
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  4. So, I suck.

    I joined here a while back and never really did anything with it. I joined 2 swaps but didn't do them and just kind of dropped off the radar both here and over at AFA. I know. I suck.

    I dropped out of the swaps I was in at AFA but for some reason I never told anyone here. I have no idea why. I feel like a total jerk about it and hope I can make things right now. I am not going to join any swaps here until after I make the cards and am 100% sure I have the postage ready. I have been ...
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  5. hi/bye

    just thought i'd practice digital art. its been 3 years of owning a table and i still can't use it properly. sadness
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