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  1. Affairs of the Heart

    I could probably write an entire novel just about my feelings right now in relation to my equine brethren.

    You know those commercials that try to appeal to your senses? Like the ones where you get slightly abstracted imagery of people opening beverages and drinking them and then they have that "auuuh" moment? I dunno, somehow that seems to apply to how I'm feeling. But without the "auuuh" at the end.

    I sold my horse when I was 18 after struggling ...
  2. How much does fun cost?

    I've been to see Eclipse twice. Today I spent way too much money in Build A Bear. But they had a grey wolf and I had to have it! I also spent way too much money in the art store buying paper. I'm learning printing/image transfer techniques. So far, I've made nothing but a big mess. I sure hope I don't mess up these gorgeous papers! Plus, they were expensive. I shouldn't sit here and worry about everything according to how much it costs, right? But let me say, when someone in your family ...
  3. Rainbow in my Hand

    I love RAINBOWS...

    Just so you know~!!
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  4. darlin' EVE

    ..would be the name of a boutique i own. if i ever open one.

    having a little art block right now. everything i draw seems to come out weird. might be the fact that i recently cut a piece off my finger, but i'm not sure.
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  5. What a lovely feature!

    i really don't spend enough time over here at iATCs with all of you wonderful people . . . i miss it, and i need to really do better with spreading my attention around a little more. i've been busy with teaching, with art journaling, and with trying to write + revise some poetry to get manuscripts back out in the market. however, i'm hoping to make some time this summer to join a few swaps over here and get back into the swing of making ATCs more often. even over at A4A, i've been hosting more than ...
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