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  1. Vacation

    just wanted to paint something light


    crits welcome!

    i really want to try selling some small pieces of art online (like these) but I don't really want to go through a third party like ebay or etsy (darn fees!) cause i'm not really confident that i'll be able to sell enough to cover them fees. would a blogshop be a reasonable alternative> ...

    Updated 05-23-2010 at 10:51 AM by arekanderina

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  2. Revolution Gets Its Name By Always Coming Back Around In Your Face

    Another iATC user, arekanderina, wrote a blog entry about how it all started -- what inspired her to draw for the first time, and then how her art has progressed, and been stalled, since.

    I've been encouraged to make art since I was small, mostly by my mother, and at school. Art and drama were required courses until high school. I started out as a finger-painter, and by the time I made it through grade K, all of my clothing was paint stained. Every piece. I came home with paint on ...
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  3. Eek! Another Blog!

    I'll have to find something significant, or at least mildly interesting, to write about. For now I just wanted to put something up to show that I'm here and paying attention.
  4. How it all started

    So I just wanted to document this down, just in case I forget, many years from now.

    How I started drawing

    I'm sure everyone started seriously somewhere. For me, it was sometime in my second form (8th grade) in secondary school.

    I sat in front of a girl name Stephanie, who at that time was really into anime and manga. Whenever I turned around to ask her a question or something, she'd always be sketching something. To be honest, I was awafully jealous, ...
  5. When Gesso Attacks + Influence

    The material I use most often in my studio is gesso. It goes on everything, and sometimes it goes on things that would rather it didn't -- like the time Momo (a puppy) decided to jam his nose onto my lap when I was painting. He spent a good part of the day with a white splotch on his sniffer.

    In the case of this piece, I scraped a minimal layer of gesso atop some acrylic and paper, and I fully ...

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