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  1. Shepouit -
    Shepouit's Avatar
    Warning, when you do too much digital, it seem like we are loosing our non-digital skills
  2. AnnD -
    AnnD's Avatar
    We sure would like it if you did!
  3. goodmorningstarshine -
    goodmorningstarshine's Avatar
    I hate that feeling. I mean, I love the excitement, and I'm just like that with the baking and the wanting to walk in leaves and carve pumpkins and watch horror movies, etc. I just HATE winter so much, and I get really frustrated with myself for getting so excited about fall instead of enjoying the last of summer.
  4. Artful disarray -
    Artful disarray's Avatar
    ::vibrates:: Fall comes slowly here in Louisiana, we won't start feeling it until late Sept, maybe even October.....but I start nesting as SOON as August is over I suddenly want to bake bread, decorate my house with random flora and fauna, and stir bubbly cauldrons of awesomeness under the moonlight
  5. themuppet -
    themuppet's Avatar
    Halloween turns me into a cracked-out pixie-stick-snorting 8 year old. I loooooove iiiiiit...

    I also really love autumn the best. The leaves on the huge maple in my yard have been slowly turning red (like one or two per day) for the last couple of weeks, which is SUPER early and SUPER exciting!
  6. wildholly -
    wildholly's Avatar
    I love Halloween anything! Autumn too: The smell of dried leaves and how they crunch under your feet..pumpkins, crisp fresh picked apples and cinnamon. The night sky, so clear. Love it all!
  7. Amerasu -
    Amerasu's Avatar
    I'm with you! Can't wait! I just bought a new skull statue last weekend and it's on my office shelf, waiting for Halloween. Actually, it looks good there so it will likely stay year round.
  8. Ziptango -
    Ziptango's Avatar
    Time to go have some fun (forget about art), and go do/look at something beautiful. Fill the well, so you have images and inspiration to draw from. I find going to a gallery with fresh art gives me a good jolt to create again.
  9. themuppet -
    themuppet's Avatar
    Ugh it's terrible!! the heat totally kicks my ass and makes me not want to do anything at all. Then when I'm stressed out I freak out and spend all my time freaking out instead of being productive. You're definitely not alone!!
  10. rkolig -
    rkolig's Avatar
    Maybe there was something in the air, cuz I sure was in a rut too. I'm looking forward to fall when my art group starts meeting up again. That always helps.

    Looking forward to seeing what you host!!
  11. Earthworkr -
    Earthworkr's Avatar
    Hey, I make a living doing pottery and sculpture. And believe me, the past 2 years or so have really sucked. But, i blame myself somewhat because theres venues out there if we actually go out and LOOK. And yes, its very very very hard to overcome the introverted nature we have. Swallow hard, tell yourself you are what you are, and you help make the world go around, and get out there and find some places to sell your art.
  12. EraserQueen -
    EraserQueen's Avatar
    Aw, Just keep making you art! Feeling guilty takes away from mental energy of being able to dream up cool art ideas to sell! The economy WILL pick up, the USA stock market is doing better and as soon as Europe gets over their economic chicken-little period, the economy here will do even better.

    And yeah, I worked at a library and it was great!
  13. EraserQueen -
    EraserQueen's Avatar
    Yeah, what they said

    We're pretty laid back here, so no worries! It's only an issue if someone has already made you something, like a PAT for example Nice to see you back!
  14. themuppet -
    themuppet's Avatar
    I am the queen of the swap-drop, so I feel ya'. But don't stress it, it happens to everyone! Now, speaking of the swap-drop, I gotta go withdraw from a couple. lol!
  15. Evil Seedlet -
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    Quote Originally Posted by katilady
    sounds like you have an awesome boyfriend!
    <3 I really, really do.
  16. rkolig -
    rkolig's Avatar
    No you don't suck. You're human!

    Glad you're doing your art. I'd love to trade with you.
  17. HeavenPhoenix -
    HeavenPhoenix's Avatar
    Yeah, can't wait to see more of your art!! Glad you're ready to get started =)
  18. -
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    sounds like you have an awesome boyfriend!
  19. Amerasu -
    Amerasu's Avatar
    Hey, no worries! We all go incommunicado now and then! Glad to see you back into art and ready to get at it. That's the important part!